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2023-04-15 20:39:18 By : Ms. min chen

A mum has proudly shared the unique name she's bestowed upon her newborn baby daughter, but some just aren't too sure, arguing that it puts them in mind of the 'first person to die in a horror film'

A mum has received some harsh reaction after revealing the name she's picked out for her newborn baby daughter, which some people reckon has scary connotations. Introducing her little girl to the world, the proud mum declared she was the "perfect addition" to their family, but not everybody is too sure about the name. Electrical Toy

Mum shares baby name – but people say it sounds like

The unique moniker in question is "Sissie Tru", which certainly isn't a name you hear every day, and some reckon it sounds a little too like "the first person to die in a horror film."

The name has since been shared via Reddit, where it was revealed that the unnamed mother has six other children whose names all follow a specific theme, beginning with either an S or an A.

A screengrab of the name announcement was shared by a Reddit user, who confirmed: "Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure Sissie is the first name".

A number of fellow Reddit users were left pretty unimpressed by the unusual name, to say the least, with one jokily offering the alternative suggestion, "Brother False".

Another sighed: "I hope the kids named this baby because there is no excuse for a parent to name their child Sissie. It bothers me even when that's a nickname for a daughter because it's like her whole identity is being a sister."

A third person commented: "Another example of people not thinking of their babies as adults. Wouldn't it be cute if all the older siblings called this baby Sissie! Forget that Sissie one day has to live in the world as a 20, 40, 60, etc year old."

A fourth remarked: "Sounds like the first person to die in a horror film."

According to The Bump, Sissie is a name with both old Welsh and Latin origins, which means "blind" or "sixth".

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Mum shares baby name – but people say it sounds like

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